Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tme Flies, and I Was Two Stops From the Station
Excuse me for a moment while I catch my breath. . .
The holidays are finally over, and so is the decade. I see that my subtle campaign to christen the past decade with the decidedly utilitarian "2K's" went nowhere, and that's okay. But please. . . the "2 aughts"?? Does anyone outside of England even use the word "aught" anymore? Not that double zeroes sounds any better.
That was then, and this is now, which is why I've embarkted on my new crusade to quit calling the upcoming years "two thousand this and that." It's time to just call this "twenty ten" and progress acordingly. It may seem trivial now, but all you future marketers will thank me once 2020 rolls around.
Speaking of marketers, would the Chinese gentleman or bot or whatever you are please quit posting comments to my "Man From UNCLE Returns" review? I've rejected all your comments for publication since I'm not really in the busines of selling what you're selling. Peddle your wares in a place more lucrative to your market, and leave Napoleon Solo out of it.
Anyway, the past two months have been hectic, but I still found time to scour the 3-disc version of Time-Life's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live. You can read my full review here:
My feelings about the collection are mixed, but my feelings about the current state of the recording industry are not. More about that later.