Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Revenge of the Dinosaurs

The (ahem) oil spill in the Gulf should have alerted us to at least a couple things. Mega-corporations will stop at nothing to cover their ass once they've been caught cutting costs in the name of maximizing profits. And it proved how our dependence on oil to fuel our vehicles is a sucker bet at best. Only so many dinosaurs walked the earth, and we can't suck on their remains forever. We have to start seriously considering other, renewable resources if we plan on surviving, much less getting from point A to point B.

No matter how Big Oil would like to spin it otherwise, we're only as dependent on oil as we believe we are. Even the auto industry has come to realize that, and are offering some alternatives to the petrol-thirsty vehicles we grew up with. And some of them are pretty snazzy. . .

See what I mean? You can read more of what I'm talking about here:

Hope you like it.