Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How Can Human Target Hit the Mark If FOX Keeps Moving the Bullseye?

Call me a romantic, but I've always rooted for rhe underdog. Actually, it's more of an obsession than a pastime. So when FOX added Human Target to its midseason schedule, only to shuffle it helter skelter throughout its run thus far, I made the series my current cause. Yeah, it's another implausible action-adventure show  with a touch of secrecy, but  in this age of "reality" series, it's actually refreshing.It's on the bubble, though (what a surprise, given its scattergun schedule so far!)

Trust me, though. It's a fun romp, and it moves like a rollercoaster. It's actually actually coming on it's regularly scheduled slot tonight (3/10 8P EST). Want more info? Check out my article at Hubpages here:

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